Pink Barbie themed cake :)

This is a CUTE cake! LOVE it! it is only a little 6” chocolate cake with choc ganache - but visually looks awesome, with two tones of pink, black & of course bows - you really get the barbie vibe :)
 I was sad to see this cake go! but Nessie loved it! so YAY!!
kez* x

Everything is AWESOME!

My son Ezekiel is obsessed with Lego! he has an addiction and he’s only just turned five! When he finally got to see the new Lego Movie all he could talk about was his birthday cake.  He wanted it to be the top of the Office Tower that Lord Business keeps the ‘kragel’ in :)  I asked him to draw the office tower - & also checked the movie to see what it looked like & then did this very basic version which he loved :)  I used Emmet & Wyld Style from earlier in the week & made Lord Business to go with them. If you’ve seen the movie then you’d understand why I had to include “everything is awesome” on there :) 

My Son’s Pre-school cake

Zeke LOVE’s lego! his birthday cake will also be a Lego Themed cake which will include both Emmet & Wyld style on there also.  This was just a little 6” simple cake for his last day at pre-school before he starts school!
  All the kids loved it & his face lit up when I brought it in :)
I used an awesome tutorial from The Violet Cake Shop on facebook for the Lego figures :)
kez* x

Fireman Sam Cake

This cake was for my son’s friend Kasey.  He loves fire engines and Fireman Sam especially so it was a no brainer what his cake needed to be!  Again I went with a 2D fire truck, based off the ones on fireman sam.  I used a Debbie Brown book to follow how to make Fireman Sam :) so nice to just follow instructions sometimes instead of making it up as you go which is what I usually do! :)
  Kasey, his mum & family were super happy with his cake.  It was an 8” Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with Choc Ganache.

Madison’s Frozen Cake

My daughter like a lot of other little girls LOVES the movie Frozen :) so it was no surprise when we talked about her birthday that she requested a frozen cake :) I was supposed to make Anna as well but I was not well that week and it was more than enough for me to attempt Elsa as well as Olaf!
  I decided to go with blue, silver & white - just to be a little different as there are SO many ‘frozen’ cakes out there!  Once again I got to use the awesome plaque my husband made me for her name :) Elsa was incredibly difficult to make - I have deep admiration for those decorators who can make her look just like her! because I can’t!! LOL!  Olaf however, I was pretty happy with him :) Madison loved the cake so that’s what counts!
kez* x

“Hi there! I love your work! I'm a professional decorator currently working in a tiny bakery with inexperienced coworkers/owner so I have to rely on the internet and trial and error in order to improve my skills. I was curious as to how you get your corners so sharp when covered with fondant. The best I could figure would be to freeze the cake after icing it, then applying the fondant, but that always causes the fondant to sweat as the cake thaws. Could you share your method/secret? Thanks!”

Hey wildedear :)
thanks so much for your question! I am assuming you are mainly working with buttercream? it is possible to still get sharp edges with buttercream, although far easier with chocolate ganache as it sets up super firm! 
have a look at my answer here…

that craftsy class is brilliant as it shows both buttercream & ganache & she gets a sharp edge with both! :) hope that helps!
kez* x


that time - when one of your most favourite decorators comments on a photo of your work….


Taison’s Mickey & Fire Engine Operation Sugar Cake

Operation Sugar - check out their facebook page here to learn more & if you’re in NZ and would love to help them out, there is info on how you can do that there.
SO I was asked to make a cake for Taison - the theme was Mickey Mouse & Fire Engines & it was all up to me how I wanted to design it.
This is what i came up with! I saw a pic of Mickey being lifted up by a fountain of water on a watch face and knew that I wanted to include that on his cake!
  This was my first ever attempt at making a character like Mickey so I was super worried about getting that right, let alone the hose & water!
I love the end result! I went basic with a 2D fire engine as I knew a real fire engine was coming to the party! so I decided to put more of the focus on Mickey :)
the family loved the cake and had a great day celebrating Taison’s birthday :)

80th Art & Garden themed Cake

This cake was a lot of fun to make, I tried out my friend Zeena’s ‘spray & wipe away’ technique for the grass… although I don’t have an airbrush.. so it was more like ‘paint & wipe away’ :) check out her tutorial here. She also has a tutorial on the flowers on the side of the cake!

Cake was a tall 7” chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache
kez* x

Rainbow Unicorn Cake 

This was the single tier cake I made for the SENZ Go Bake Cake Expo back in July. It didn’t place anywhere - but I still think it looks awesome :)
Each panel is an individual shade - it took hours of work - but the end result is worth it :)

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