Ten days after my birthday I finally celebrated with friends.  I worked super hard & made myself a ruffle ruffle cake - a new technique that I’ve wanted to try out.  I brought a tutorial from Sharon Wee Creations - very helpful & I’m stoked with the outcome!  The ruffle cake was White Chocolate with White Choc Ganache the top tier was just a dummy cake - also a first time covering a polystyrene dummy :)
  The cupcakes were Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing & Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla buttercream - super yummy!  I ran out of time to do the more elaborate toppers that I was planning - but was happy with how they looked & tied into the cake.
  So many people bailed on me, due to sickness & other such things - so it ended up being a small group - which worked out really well in the end! funny how that happens! I’m just glad they turned up! for about half an hour we were thinking that no one was coming!  I have some pretty awesome friends & they made me feel super special :)  My husband made everyone coffee & the kids hung out for a little bit too, they were very excited about my party so I couldn’t really send them to bed early!!  Everyone loved the cake & cupcakes which was awesome :) kez*

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